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Written by: ryan on 2007-01-06

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ryan's review: Callout Comment I received my card back in November. I thought it was perfect for someone who has bad credit. Called the activations department gave my info for the first payment. 50 bucks. Never came out so I mailed in a payment 2 weeks later. Around Christmas I started getting large amounts of money getting taken out of my checking account. 206.95, 150.95 161.95. I don't have that kind of money all that came out in a three week period. After investigations it was the credit card company but it wasn't going to my account on the card it was going to someone elses. What's wrong with that I got robbed over 500 around Christmas from these damn S. O. B's we are still fighting we had to change our checking account our lives have been turned upside down. We just bought our first home. And couldn't make our first payment because of these guys. The company or someone in that company is robbing people. Pay close attention to what you tell these guys on personal information. They are not trust worthy.

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