"Catch 22"

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Written by: casey on 2006-12-26

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casey's review: Callout Comment I've tried several different unsecured credit cards for bad credit and by far this is the least heinous. Yes all the fees are ridiculous but hey we did it to ourselves. I've had his card for 2 years. The 2 best things about it is 1) they do report monthly to all 3 credit reporting agencies and 2) as long as you're in good standing every 3 months you can get a credit limit increase (up to $2000). The first year it's automatic every 3 months with a $25 credit limit increase charge. After the 1st year, they'll notate it on your statement and you have x-amount of time to call them and request the additional credit limit. With the help of this card and due diligence I've gone form a credit standing of weak to fair. You gotta start somewhere.

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