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Written by: bramford on 2008-03-20

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bramford's review: Callout Comment I have applied for this card on 03/18/08. My application is still being processed. I will let you know about the outcome as soon as I find out. However, I am pretty sure that I will be denied.


Comment 1 by arod
Chase Is Not For Everyone User Icon on 2008-03-20

Remarks Well good luck to you.

Let us know you experience because this is one card that there is almost no information also I not a big fan of chase but as long as it helps others that's what matters.


Comment 2 by meya
Wish You Luck User Icon on 2008-03-20

Remarks Well, they search to make sure that you nearly free of inq's, derogs, lates, charge-offs, bk, and too many new accounts. I had waited for nearly 40 days for this response, put it like this buddie, I forgot that I applied for this card because the response took so long... Lol. You may have a better shot than I did, I had 2 medicals and one charge off then. Good luck!
Comment 3 by sethatco
Previous Dealings User Icon on 2008-03-20

Remarks I have noticed a trend with many of the credit card companies. Most are capplying the number of cards you are allowed to have with them. The days of having 4 or 5 cards with one particular bank is over as they are looking to minimize risk and loss. HSBC Started it with now no more than 2 cards MC/VS/DC. Chase has moved to the same. I currently have 3 MC/VS cards and 6 store cards. The only cards I can get from chase until the econ and credit game changes are new store cards. Having said all that I suggest people exercise caution when applying for new cards, take stock see what cards you have and with who, diversify with different tier 1 banks if you can and limit the baddies and inquiries.
Comment 4 by meya
True User Icon on 2008-03-20

Remarks I am 18 months shy of tier one cards. I am over through with subprime.
Comment 5 by lyyssa
It's Been 2 Days... User Icon on 2008-03-20

Remarks You should call Chase's application status people and find out if you've been approved. When I applied for the Flexible Rewards it was not an instant approval. I thought they declined me. I called about 3 days later and I was approved!

So you never know. ;)
Comment 6 by rivasglo
App Status User Icon on 2008-03-21

Remarks Like Lyyssa said... Call the application status number, its an automated system, so you don't have to speak with a rep.

800-945-2000, its gonna ask for last 4 digits of your account number, but then soon after it says if your calling to apply or check the status of an application press #, then option 2, then ssn

After I applied with a rep by phone, I was told approved. But about an hour later I called to verify the CL, entered my ssn, and it said it was still being processed. So I waited a few days and called again, and then it said approved for so and so...

When I applied (about a week ago), I had no lates, my credit history was 1yr 2-3 months old, 6 inq on EQ, 10 on EXP, & 4 on TU. I also have new accounts and most of my accounts have balances.

IDK if that helped any...

Comment 7 by bramford
30-60 Days User Icon on 2008-03-21

Remarks I called them today 03-20-08. 2 day after submitting my application and they told me it will take between 30-60 days. I think I know what that translates into, YOU HAVE BEEN DENIED!!! Why don't they just come out straight and say it, instead of dragging it out so long?
Comment 8 by eldarwen
Maybe You Should Wait User Icon on 2008-03-21

Remarks If you want the card, you should wait a few months then apply again. I have this card and think it is a very good card to have.
Comment 9 by rivasglo
Hmmm User Icon on 2008-03-22

Remarks The first time I applied for it in 10/2007 I was denied. But once it was offered 03/2008 I took it, no questions asked ;)

Comment 10 by meya
Oh Lord User Icon on 2008-03-22

Remarks So sorry buddie, they did me the same way. I was hoping that you would had more luck than I. Keep your head up and come back at them when the time is right.
Comment 11 by bramford
Remember The Song? User Icon on 2008-03-22

Remarks Chase reminds of that song "Looking for Love in all the wrong places". Only I would sing the song a bit differently. "Looking for Approval in all the wrong places!..." :-)
Comment 12 by meya
Lol User Icon on 2008-03-23

Remarks Just when I thought I got my guards up for looking for love in all the wrong places with men... Now here comes the credit world... Lol. You are so true!
Comment 13 by bramford
Approved!!! User Icon on 2008-03-26

Remarks At first I was rejected and received a letter stating that I have a lien, or judgment on my credit report. I called and told them the tax lien on my credit report has been payed and released. The representative said that whenever the computer sees a public record on a applicants credit report it automatically rejects the application, and spits out a rejection letter. I was approved immediately with a $2000 credit line at 15.24% interest rate.
Comment 14 by lyyssa01
Congraulations!! User Icon on 2008-03-26

Remarks I have the Flexible rewards, but I've heard the Freedom is better for some reason. :/ And your APR is pretty low by Chase standards. Have fun, let us know how it is..
Comment 15 by trayce1519
Congrats User Icon on 2008-03-26

Remarks If you don't mind what were your credit scores when you applied for this card?
Comment 16 by meya
Get Out Of Here User Icon on 2008-03-26

Remarks Way to go buddie. I am so happy for you. I can uncross my fingers now, I was starting to get arthiritis waiting for your approval... Lol. Keep us posted on the overall use of the card.
Comment 17 by rivasglo
Cool User Icon on 2008-03-26

Remarks Thats wonderful. I just got the card a few weeks ago and I'm so loving it. It looks pretty too ;)
Comment 18 by bramford
Credit Score User Icon on 2008-03-26

Remarks Tracy my credit score was Experian 678, Equafax 633, Transunion 630, and Meya I told you there is a method to my madness.
Comment 19 by rivasglo
Scores User Icon on 2008-03-26

Remarks Experian is where they pull from I think. Cause when I would try to get CLI's... And get denied... I could only see that report for free ;)
Comment 20 by lyyssa01
Yes.. User Icon on 2008-03-26

Remarks They do pull from Experian, at least they did for me. And it dropped my score 5 points when they inquired!! :(
Comment 21 by debtor00
Congratulations! User Icon on 2008-03-26

Remarks Congratulations on the Chase!!
Comment 22 by eric
I See User Icon on 2008-03-27

Remarks Congrats Bramford... Think I knopw why they keep denying me a card... Because of a public record- a ambulance bill that I paid back in 2001... I see there is a method to their madness lol
Comment 23 by eldarwen
Congrats! User Icon on 2008-03-27

Remarks Congrats on the card!
Comment 24 by bramford
Card Arrived. User Icon on 2008-03-31

Remarks Did you know that the chase card has something called blink technology that can be used at some places where you just wave the card when you are making a purchase and bang your transaction is complete.
Comment 25 by wildrage2
Speed Pass User Icon on 2008-03-31

Remarks Yes, I believe other banks call it speed pass. I think it works on any transaction under $25. There's a small transponder in the card. They have it a lot in convenience stores and movie theaters around where I live.
Comment 26 by meya
Correct User Icon on 2008-03-31

Remarks They even have it at fast foods in San Francisco.
Comment 27 by lyyssa01
Lucky People... User Icon on 2008-03-31

Remarks I've seen the speed pass only at a handful of gas stations here in Arkansas. We're so behind. :(
Comment 28 by eldarwen
Yet To See That User Icon on 2008-03-31

Remarks I have yet to see those speed pass things in my area of Ohio. I think they would be great in my area.
Comment 29 by lyd
Back Door Credit Line Increase #s User Icon on 2008-05-04

Remarks Hi everyone,

I haven't been on for several months but I remembered one very nice guy had supplied the "back door phone numbers" for most of the major credit card companies in order to get a credit line increase. Does anyone remember that or have that information? Thanks so much. Hope you're all having a great day!

Comment 30 by meya
Sent User Icon on 2008-05-04

Remarks Check your mailbox, I sent it today.
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