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Written by: stephanie on 2006-12-19

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stephanie's review: Callout Comment I would never recommend this card to anyone.  It has been nothing but a nightmare when trying to communicate with this company.  We've tried to access our account to check our balance, available credit, or to see if they've posted our payment to no avail.  The website is either inaccessible or displays inaccurate information.  One instance is when we did access the website which stated we only had $12 available credit (this was wrong because we knew we have always paid on time and always paid more than what was due!). So then we contact Customer Service after dialing two different numbers to be able to talk to someone, and they told us $78 in available credit.  Having said that, we went to the mall to do some Christmas shopping and went to the counter to make a $48 purchase only to get declined when using our Continental MasterCard!  This is only one instance!  For the amount of fees one has to pay to get credit with these people, you would think THEY would be more responsible!  As soon as we get this card paid off, we are closing this account.  If you want a reputable company that respects and appreciates your business without enormous fees, give Orchard Bank a call or go to www.Orchardbank.com. We have had no problems with this company whatsoever and they are easy and most pleasant to deal with. 

Continental Finance couldn't care less about their customers and our dealings with them is indicative of that mentality.

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