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Written by: bramford on 2008-03-18

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bramford's review: I applied this morning, and I got approved Immediately! No credit limits, just pay in full each month.


Comment 1 by meya
U Go Bramford on 2008-03-18

I heard that! As long as it is a amex, you are in my #1 approval list!
Comment 2 by hjm331
Bramford on 2008-03-18

Congrats man!! You deserve it, just don't forget to pay in full every month because this is a charge card!
Comment 3 by arod
Congrats on 2008-03-18

I have the gold AMEX but this card is great.

I say if you can pay it in one shot and avoid getting into debt this card is good.

What is hard is to buy something of $800 for example then pay it full the next month its almost like buying with a debit card.

overall its just good to have especially in a emergency.

Good luck,

Comment 4 by markrivers
Advantages Of A Charge Card? on 2008-03-18

I'm just wondering, what are the advantages of having a charge card?

they don't report to the credit bureau... Right?

and you have to pay the whole balance in full in less than <30 days..

and there's a memebership fee!

please enlighten me on this one.

i recently turned down a gold Preferred AMEX charge card because of the fee
Comment 5 by adicus
A Few Reasons. on 2008-03-18

Having an AMEX on your credit file looks favorable to banks. It shows them that you can handle "paying in full" each month and that you have $$$ to do so.

In your credit mix you are encouraged to atleast have some kind of charge card whether it be AMEX or DINERS.

I personally got my eye on the AMEX One card.
Comment 6 by hjm331
RE: Adicus on 2008-03-18

The only reason why I have an AMEX card is to get the Bank of America AMEX card. BofA is my favorite bank and I love doing business with them.
Comment 7 by sandyekay1
Credit Score on 2008-03-23

If you don't mind me asking what credit report they pulled and what ballpark range was your credit score?

Comment 8 by bramford
Credit Score on 2008-03-24

Sandy they pulled my Experian credit report, and credit score at the time was 675.


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