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Written by: sethatco on 2008-03-15

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sethatco's review: Callout Comment I have been a long time customer of BOA. When I had identity theft they worked very closely with me. During the repairing of my credit they did close out my BOA Visa account and moved it to a secure card till the issues were resolved. Recently I received a preapproval in the mail for an Alumni card ( University of Pennsylvania Platinum Plus Visa) I did apply and was granted an initial credit line of $5,000. After calling BOA credit department I spoke to a representative who was more than happy to work with me. After a nice conversation BOA did the following to thank me for being a long time customer

0% for 12 months

4.9% fixed for 12 months for balance transfers.

Raise in credit limit to $20,000 after sending in pay stubs to verify income of over $150,000.

I have had my doubts about BOA but after the way I was recently treated I will continue to be a loyal customer for many years to come.

Credit scores

EQ: 710




Comment 1 by meya
Way To Go User Icon on 2008-03-16

Remarks Now this is what I am talkin about:

1. Awsome limit

2. Nice Income

3. Nice Scores

4. Cool Bank

You can't ask for anything better than this in the credit world...:)
Comment 2 by llay1
Your TU Score Seems Low User Icon on 2008-03-16

Remarks Is there a reason for this. I have a TU of 702, and it says that's better than just 25% of the US
Comment 3 by meya
Not Too Low User Icon on 2008-03-17

Remarks Scores can be off by 40 between all three. It is typical for that to happen because not all three hold the same information.
Comment 4 by sethatco
Agreed User Icon on 2008-03-17

Remarks I agree with Meya, for some reason my TU score is always the lowest, not sure why all the accounts are reporting the same on all 3 CB. Anyone have any ideas?
Comment 5 by hjm331
Hmm. User Icon on 2008-03-17

Remarks Shouldn't equifax have the lowest score?
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