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Written by: raymond on 2006-12-12

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raymond's review: Callout Comment My friend ordered a card from Upstar, who has of course now become Purpose Money. They qualified her for the Imagine card instead of the Tribute Card. I ordered an Orchard Bank card that was lost in the mail, when I reported it lost about a week or two after I was supposed to have received it, I got a replacement and pin within a week. I think we ordered our cards around the same time. Even with this happening, I got my card before she got her Purpose Money card. It seemed like her card took at least a month to get there. Then when she got it, it was another few weeks before a pin arrived. The card seemed thinner than many cards and the stripped was silver like the color on scratch off games instead of black. They didn't activate the card initially because they could withdraw a $5 out of her account. When she finally wired them a payment, they initially still would not instantly authorize it because they didn't get that fee when they first tried. It took talking to a few supervisors to finally get it. Then the card had issues. At times it would either say denied though there card had at least $200 of available credit or would not swipe at all.

Although I had my Orchard Bank card and was presently surprised my credit union let me get a 1,000 card with a score of 615, I decided anyway to try to get a Purpose Money card too. They approved me for a Tribute Card and a pre-paid MasterCard. That was about 3 weeks ago. I got the prepaid card, and I'm still waiting on the Tribute Card. When I call to check the status of my application to double-check that I was actually approved, all they say is wait and see what comes in the mail.

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