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Written by: angela on 2006-12-10

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angela's review: Callout Comment I applied for a Tribute Mastercard over 3 weeks ago and have not heard nothing. Can somebody provide me with the customer service number so I can check on my application?


Comment 1 by leesa
Still Waiting User Icon on 2006-12-18


I was approved for this card in September of 2006. There is no customer service number provided so that I can inquire about this card. I was approved and I have not seen or heard from this company. If anyone has a phone # please list it for me so that I can call to check on this card.

Comment 2 by c j
Customer Service Number User Icon on 2006-12-18

Remarks The first number is 1-888-618-9920. The other number is 1-888-235-0039. The card is issued throught First Bank of Delaware located in Wilmington, DE. Call the bank to obtain status of application and a customer service number.
Comment 3 by katie
Customer Service # User Icon on 2006-12-20

Remarks Can anyone provide me with the customer service number for this card?
Comment 4 by sherrone
Customer Service # User Icon on 2007-03-21

Remarks I have not had the opportunity to enjoy my card yet because someone has stolen it before I got the chance to activate it. I need a customer service number so I can be issued out a new card. Could someone please give me the customer service number. Thanks
Comment 5 by badcreditstudent
Customer Service # User Icon on 2007-04-09

Remarks Here is the customer service #1-888-618-9920
I called today as I still have not received my card. The man had trouble comprehending exactly what I was saying so I slowed it down a bit and asked him to do the same. He was polite and helpful once we were able to understand each other. I always have to remind myself that a language barrier goes both ways and he had just as much trouble understanding me as I him. I will keep you updated on how this card works out for me.
Comment 6 by jim
Phone Number 1-877-888-0084 User Icon on 2007-05-30

Remarks I have not used the card yet due to the outrageous interest rate of over 29%.

However, I wanted to post the phone number for others. It is on back of my card in very light print. 1-877-888-0084.

I received several offers with fees and finally received an offer without fees (but a high interest rate). so I applied and received it. I have an account online and from the comments here will use the card sparingly.

Comment 7 by ashley
Hell No, Don't Try!!! User Icon on 2007-06-19

Remarks I had to search the net for a customer service number!
Comment 8 by ladywrenn
Outrageous! User Icon on 2008-08-22

Remarks 29% interest

$9.99 monthly maintenence fee

$4.99 to pay online

Too much money. I got approved for another card that had 3.99% apr on transfers. Saves me some money. My Momma didn't raise stupid children.
Comment 9 by roxid65
Tibute MC Customer Service User Icon on 2008-09-25

Remarks Try this # 800-348-8783, but consider yourself lucky u haven't gotten their card by now. I owe them $300 since early of last year, if that, and they're taking me to court for over (well over) $900. Because of this stupid ass government, can't pay most of my bills but yet I could be arrested because I can't pay most of them. Yet, Tribute could care a less and wants triple of what I really owe them. To pay my bills, it's like picking one out of hat each month. DON'T GET A TRIBUTE CARD!!!
Comment 10 by danguyton
Tribute Bank Telephone Number User Icon on 2009-04-14

Remarks The number for Tribute Bank is 1-888-618-9920. It is on the bottom of the back of the car, but VERY DIFFICULT to read to its small print
Comment 11 by buffet
Warning! User Icon on 2009-08-09

Remarks DO NOT trust these criminals at Tribute Mastercard. They caused me no end of trouble and grief!
Comment 12 by bewarned
Tribute Gold MasterCard User Icon on 2009-09-13

Remarks September 13, 2009

First Bank of Delaware Tribute Gold MasterCard has canceled ALL of their MasterCard accounts as of September 9, 2009. The companys main telephone number is (877) 888-0084. But customer service is referring callers to (866) 290-2831, because their account is closed.

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