"You've Got 2 Be F'ing Desperate"

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Written by: kenny on 2006-12-07

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kenny's review: Callout Comment Be smart..! Run from this card..! HERE's a surefire way to rebuild your credit and AVOID THESE credit criminals. You've got to be crazy to pay... Annual Fee of $48.00, a one-time Account Set-Up Fee of $97.00, a one-time Program Fee of $95.00, and monthly Participation Fee of $10.00. THATS $168.00 annually just to have these piece of crap plastic..!! Go to your local bank, open a SAVINGS account with the $250.00 these criminals want for a annual fee. Then have your bank issue you a SECURED credit card with the $250.00 you deposited. Use your card monthly, pay balance in FULL monthly. ADD to your savings and checking account. In 1 year you'll have a great banking relationship rebuilt and you're on your way!

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