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Written by: idbeatit on 2008-02-29

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idbeatit's review: Callout Comment I just got a pre-approval in the mail for this card and it has me approved for a credit line of $5000.00

Should I even get this card if I don't really shop there? I have a wamu Visa, AMEX plat, Citi MasterCard, bestbuy card, walmart card, and roomstogo card. I feel like that's already to many accounts. What do you guys think? I also got a pre approval from the Discover More card, and two Bofa cards and I just threw them away.


Comment 1 by hjm331
Keep It User Icon on 2008-02-29

Remarks Don't use this card if you don't have to, but activate it and just let them report because a $5k limit will help your utilization out big time.
Comment 2 by crazy2k5
I Agree User Icon on 2008-02-29

Remarks I agree with Hjm. Just activate it but don't use it. I have had this card for 6 months. It has a $1000 limit. I rarely use it and if I do it gets paid off in full. It helps a lot since a lot of my other balances are much lower.
Comment 3 by meya
I Agree User Icon on 2008-03-01

Remarks Get it and sock drawer them. Go there and charge a snicker every now and then by the refreshments near the counters... Lol.
Comment 4 by markrivers
Keep It User Icon on 2008-03-02

Remarks Keep it but don't use it too much

the credit limit is good.

Comment 5 by hjm331
Pay In Full User Icon on 2008-03-02

Remarks Make this a PIF call.
Comment 6 by crirep2
It Is Worthless User Icon on 2008-03-03

Remarks It is a CHARGE account. It is considered a FINANCE COMPANY.

You are better off without the inquiry.
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