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Written by: vingstar on 2008-02-24

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vingstar's review: Callout Comment Today I aplied for a Rewards 660 Visa. I should find out soon IF I'm approved. IF I am then this one will go in my "sockdrawer" I already have 9 other credit cards that I rotate on a regular basis.

This will help with my overall credit picture. It's vastly improved from even a year ago.

A year ago I was at an even 500 FICO score. Now it's just shy of 600. I'm getting there!


Comment 1 by hjm331
No More Of These Cards User Icon on 2008-02-25

Remarks Is another card that charge you ridiculous upfront fees like First Premier Bank?
Comment 2 by vingstar
Upfront Fees User Icon on 2008-02-25

Remarks Yes, they do charge some rather high starting fees like First premier but I'm willing to do that. It DOES help with your credit. I don't care about the fees. What do people think-that banks are going to give you a card & not make money? They're a business & like every single business that has ever existed they exist to make a profit-PERIOD!

Too many people complain about sub prime cards & all their upfront fees. So if you don't like them then don't apply! It's as simple as that. Nobody is twisting your arm & making you get these cards.

You handle these cards sensibly & they'll grow with you. That's been my experience.

Everybody is different-what works for one will not work for somebody else. Telling somebody to NOT to apply for a card like Rewards 660 because of all the upfront fees is silly. I'd tell them to research the card & go over the details with a fine tooth comb & if you like what you see & don't mind paying the start up costs then go for it. Otherwise don't bother & move on.

& Sub prime or prime one MUST handle credit cards responsibly. Don't ever get near your limit. NEVER be late making payments & you'll be fine.

That's my 2 cents.
Comment 3 by hjm331
RE; Vingstar User Icon on 2008-02-25

Remarks I don't think you should be talking to me like that. I'm an 18 year old with an AMEX card. Do you even have an AMEX card? I tell people to not apply for these types of card because there are credit cards that are for people with bad credit but will still get credit cards with no silly upfront fees. It seems like you make easy money and a lot if it so it's easy for you to pay anything they throw your way. But most of us here on FG work hard for a dollar and when money is tight, paying silly fees for no reason isn't in our radar.

I know how to handle credit, that's why I try to help as many people as I can who appreciate it. If you know so much about credit, then why aren't out there helping other people instead of criticizing people like me who showed sympathy and tried helping you get out of a hole. But I'll take my advice to someone who truly needs it.
Comment 4 by vingstar
Good Money Management User Icon on 2008-02-25

Remarks I'd like to know why is it so wrong to pay upfront fees to sub prime cards? I don't see the problem with it. I figure if you want a card like this & can afford the fees then why not?

Avoiding these types of cards doesn't make sense to me. Because someone like myself can pay these fees doesn't automatically mean that they make a ton of money. It's called good money management.

I simply stated that if someone wants a card like this then by all means apply. Once you get past the upfront fees then it's just like any other credit card.
Comment 5 by arod
I Agree With HJM331 User Icon on 2008-02-25

Remarks You like to give your money out to banks then good for you

but if you want and that's if you want you can apply to

Capitalone.com or Orchardbank.com

but its your money and yes banks are a business and you can make them richer.

Anyway, If your credit is that bad then stick to your bank of choice.

We are here to help those who need help.


Comment 6 by ash
Re: Vingstar User Icon on 2008-02-25

Remarks Vingstar,

You said you have 9 other cards so I don't know where you are in the rebuilding process but I understand what you are trying to do. I think what the others were trying to say is that there are better banks who will give you a better deal.

You are either in one or two situations. Either when you app you get declined for low scores, too many inquirys etc, Or you are afraid to app with prime for whatever personal reason.

Generally speaking, some say especially in cases of prior BK get some history on your report and add some tradelines. Especially if you had adverse accounts.

This card was one of the ones I added only to add history and they are on my hit list of Cards to close. I opened up this account in 2006 and Wingstar I will tell you this, Rewards 660 will continually call your home regardless of how good of customer you are, regardless of how you pay your bills on time with them, and irratating reminders. I feel its not necessary this is only for people who don't pay... They have issues...! They are not the best choice. These idiots called my home on a Saturday night @ 9:00pm to remind me a payment is due WTH.

I understand for the newbies coming in they CLI you every three months @ $75.00 but for anyone else prior you get the same $50.00 every six months. No real CLI reviews for worthy customers.

If you want to stick with them to build the history watch your Ficos and as soon as your score bumps up to Mid 600, Dump them! You are going to get better offers!
Comment 7 by arod
What .. User Icon on 2008-02-25

Remarks Listen I have applied for hooters got approved the only one that decline me was BN because I have 2 cards from juniper But for the record and I don't care if you belive me or not I have repaired my credit and My cards are HSBC, Citibank, American Express,Juniper/ barclays, Capital One, Ge Moneybank, Merrick bank-hooters. And I have years with them... Yes I have a lot but Not all are maxed... My Fico is 698 to 701... If that doesn't count as credit repair I don't know what else...

As for Now what ever you say...
Comment 8 by arod
And Also User Icon on 2008-02-25

Remarks From my wife side Discover card 2nd card holder so just letting you know I also work in a canadian bank in the US NY area... There Now you know...

Sorry for you if you don't take advice...

Comment 9 by vingstar
The 9 Cards I Have User Icon on 2008-02-25

Remarks 1. Capital One Visa...$3,500 CL... Dec 2000

2. Centennial MC...$450 CL... March 07

3. Orchard Bank MC...$400 CL... April 07

4. Total Visa...$250 CL... Sep 07

5. Tribute MC...$350 CL... Sep 07

6. HSBC Visa...$300 CL... Oct 07

7. Centennial Visa...$300 CL... Dec 07

8. Best Buy MC...$300 CL... Dec 07

9. CorTrust MC...$250 CL... Feb 08

Every single card I have has a ZERO balance. As you can see most of these cards are sub prime BUT not because I have low FICO scores. When getting these cards I did my research, liked what I saw & applied.

I'm sure some of you would argue that I should dump some of these cards & go for the "Big Boys" but I don't have any intent on doing that. These cards serve a purpose & to get rid of them cause they're not luxurious would be a waste of time & resources.

I understand that this site helps people with credit issues. I'm always learning something new whenever I get on here. But to condem me for having these types of cards & that I'm somehow "throwing my money away" doesn't help anybody.

Believe me when I say that there's a method to my madness. It may seem that I don't know what I'm doing BUT it just SEEMS that way.
Comment 10 by arod
Ok User Icon on 2008-02-25

Remarks Nobody condems you for having the cards you have in any event they are advice you don't have to listen you can do what you want... We are here to help and to give advice to those who look for answers but in your case do what you think is right...

I wont say no more.


Comment 11 by casey
Re:vingstar User Icon on 2008-02-26

Remarks I will add my two cents here, Rewards 660 is a good rebuilding card. I have had mine almost 3 years now. I started with a $300 limit, I am up to $1400 now, with a zero balance. It DOES grow with you, or at least it will for me, up to $2000, that is their max limit. I get $100 increases every 3 months, without fail, I just have to call in and ask for it. I don't like the fees either, but I do remember they were the FIRST bank to give me a chance after my bankruptcy discharge in 2004, so I am loyal I guess. The last increase they did not charge me for... That is a first, I wonder if it was just an error and they didn't catch it yet. Thanks for listening.
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