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Written by: candy on 2006-11-26

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candy's review: Callout Comment I was approved in seconds the other day when I applied online and I should be getting my card in the mail sometime next week so I have some questions, I'm hoping some of you can answer.

If your balance is $50 or below, for example $33, is your minimum payment $33 for that month? If your balance is ABOVE $50, for example $52, is your minimum payment 2.50% of that or is it $50? I'm very confused as to how their minimum payments are. Also is the $10 maintenance fee deducted from your credit line reducing it or what? Also, can you make your first payment when you call to activate your card via debit/credit card? If so, how much is it to do that by phone? I ask because I know it costs $8 or so to do check by phone but I'm not going to do that. I'm going to do instant payments like on a card or western union.

I look forward to getting a real credit card (haven't had one in 4 years or more) and this time, I'm making sure I don't screw up. I'm working to raise my credit score. Please email me at jesuseternal@gmail.com

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