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Written by: bramford on 2008-02-17

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bramford's review: This is another card I would like to have, but I have not applied for because I know I will be turned down.


Comment 1 by eric
Great Card on 2008-03-07

I don't specifically have this card but we service these cards at *** believe it or not. These customers get the white glove treatment. They call in and if they miss there payment and get a late fee... We don't even bat an eye at waiving a fee for them. Depending on there investment amounts in ML and or there CL's... They are tiered. They have special reward points they receive. And depending on how much they spend on there card per year they get even more special rewards. Great card all in all.
Comment 2 by mannfred
Bullish Over The Bull !! on 2008-10-30

Just applied online and was approved for a 15,2-K CL at 9.9% apr.

That is the highest initial CL I've ever gotten.

Comment 3 by meya
Woe! on 2008-10-30

Goodaly boogaly! Nice limit, I would have fell out of a chair if that was offered to me. Charge wisely, you know what is going on with the credit world so far. Congrats on your approval, please keep us udated with your overall usage of the card.
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