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Written by: v8eaterwrx on 2008-02-13

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v8eaterwrx's review: Callout Comment I had a card from Best Buy when I turned 18. At the time I had very little understanding of credit and the negative effects of not paying your bills.

6 years later at over a 700 FICO score with 20k in credit and I was denied by Best Buy/HSBC for a credit card. I learned that HSBC black lists anyone that has had defaulted on their cards. I understand the practice to an extent, however in this situation I think it is a bit over the edge. The money was paid 4 years ago when I began to realize the importance of credit, and since have built up a good score and history.

That being said, the card is still awesome and the financing deals are great. I have one with my girlfriend already. The interest free deals are nice.


Comment 1 by crazy2k5
HSBC User Icon on 2008-02-13

Remarks This is why I don't like HSBC. I plan on canceling my card with them. I don't care If my reoprt takeks a hit. I will also make sure that anything I apply for is not financed by HSBC.
Comment 2 by hjm331
Your Not Alone User Icon on 2008-02-13

Remarks I'm 18 years old right now and I have this card and the Best Buy Mastercard. I haven't used the regular Best Buy store card yet. The MasterCard is a good card because it shows your pending charges. However, it takes a while for them to report your statement balance, credit line,
Comment 3 by hjm331
My Mistake User Icon on 2008-02-13

Remarks Sorry, I posted that comment w/o completing it. It takes them a while until they report your info every month and it also takes them 3 business days for them to post your payment onto the account. Those are the two things I can't stand.
Comment 4 by lindalu
Hsbc Didn't Blacklist Me! User Icon on 2008-04-16

Remarks I filed a bankruptcy 11 months ago and had 2 cards from HSBC that were included... I got 2 cards from them already... One I got 6 months later with $300 limit and one I got this month with a $300 limit... But I think they and capitol one both target people trying to rebuild regardless of the situation... And oh yeah... I just got the best buy mc approved 3 days ago and that is HSBC too(I believe)
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