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Written by: carlock4 on 2008-02-07

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carlock4's review: Callout Comment I applied for this card today and was approved with a $6300 CL. And 8.99% variable APR. I will keep an eye on this to make sure I get the 0% apr promotion as promised. Very good card with a good bank, especially compared to where I started.


Comment 1 by hjm331
Congrats! User Icon on 2008-02-07

Remarks Congrats on your new Bank of America card. I have the student version of this card but not a high CL. I only have a $1k CL on mines but BofA is definitely my favorite bank to work with. They definitely know what they are doing. They report to all 3 CB's every month and are helping me build my history.

Check this out, once your account gets to be around 2-3 years old, you should upgrade to their AMEX card but if you have a high CL around that time, then you should keep it because a high CL is one of the reasons that your FICO score will increase.
Comment 2 by ash
Re: User Icon on 2008-02-08

Remarks Congrats on your new card, feels good to move up to prime!

Nice Limit:)
Comment 3 by meya
Wow User Icon on 2008-02-08

Remarks Way to go. What was your scores when you applied for this card? This is a nice limit carlock!
Comment 4 by carlock4
Scores User Icon on 2008-02-08

Remarks I am not sure what Fico scores are but Fakos are in the 630-660 range.
Comment 5 by ash
Re: Oh Carlock? User Icon on 2008-02-08

Remarks You've got to know what your FICO's are! I think this is crucial. Go to myFICO.com and you can sign up for a promo or just a quick 3 in 1 pull. Also if you know what report BOFA pulled you can pay for that one to compare. You very well could have a 700 something score!

Fako scores are the ones you get from mycreditkeepr.com, true credit, etc. The ones that banks pull are your Fico scores. Check out the Finance forum, there is plenty of info... I think porgy has a manual on this hehehe!
Comment 6 by meya
U R Correct ASH User Icon on 2008-02-08

Remarks Hey carlock, I agree with Ash, please go to myFICO and get an acutal FICO becasue I believe your scores are higher than this. BOFA is pretty strict with their cards and you received an approval. Yes we do have good posting on the acutal Fico scores from Porgy. I can think of two

1. FAKO's vs FICO's

2. FICO 08

You will gind some good infor in there (like Ash stated), Porgy even had me and Oldhemp to break down and go to myFICO.
Comment 7 by carlock4
Fico Scores User Icon on 2008-02-08

Remarks My FICO scores were a little higher than my fakos.

Trans- 674, Experian- 694, Equifax- 676 ( all after 4 applications and approvals within past month)
Comment 8 by arod
Congrats User Icon on 2008-02-09

Remarks Enjoy your new card. Make sure you are never late because you APR WILL RISE HIGH..

Great credit limit..

Take care,

Comment 9 by akcredit
WOW User Icon on 2008-02-09

Remarks Wow nice limit congrats. I had a Dodge Visa by BOFA back in 05 and gave me $5000. But its now on collections, hopefully I will get it soon. BOFA is one of the banks you need in your CR.

I think someone needs all of these credit cards or some of these cards on your report. So it can look good on your report.


2 Discover

3 B OF A

4 Chase

5 Citi

6 WaMu

7 Capital One

Now I have Macys. And I think some one should get some store cards. Because you can save some money in the store. If you can save $5 on some thing, you can spend that on gas with these prices. But that's what I think. AK Credit
Comment 10 by markrivers
Congartz! User Icon on 2008-02-13

Remarks Wow! That credit limit is humongous! Don't spend it all at once. Nice list of cards down there!
Comment 11 by carlock4
APR Change User Icon on 2008-02-20

Remarks I recently found out that all details that I was told for this card were correct but, the APR was actually 18.99% and not 8.99% like I was told the CSR at the time of approval. Oh well, I PIF most always anyway.
Comment 12 by meya
Its Ok User Icon on 2008-02-20

Remarks You got it, and that is all that matters. Way to go!
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