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Written by: mehlani on 2008-02-06

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mehlani's review: Callout Comment I've had the card for a little over a year. I have not been late and keep a low balance on the card which I pay off or make payments on every month. Interest rate is really good..9.9% which is really nice for charging everyday purchases just to build credit on. I'm not too happy with the fees though but as many of you already know, it comes with the territory when trying to rebuild credit. My only peeve was last month when I had a problem and had to call customer service. These people outsource to... Not to sound ignorant but pretty sure it was India... Because I called to resolve a late fee and got no where after speaking to one person after another. They had a really heavy accent and couldn't understand a word I was saying and I couldn't understand them as well. It was pretty aggravating. I still have to call and give it another shot. But all in all, it does work to help the credit score. Oh and one more thing... The credit limit increases are VERY SLOW. It takes a long while before they increase you and it's very minimal.


Comment 1 by hjm331
Go To Capital One User Icon on 2008-02-06

Remarks Mehlani, the reason why I tell everyone to go to Capital One is because they help you build good credit and give you good chunks of CLI's once your account is 6-12 months old. Read my other comment in the review your wrote for the Bank of America Student Platinum Plus Visa.

Remember, Capital One doesn't charge you any up-front fees except for an annual fee, which varies on your credit at the time of approval. They also look better on your credit report since they are a well-known bank and have been around before a lot of banks.
Comment 2 by ash
Re: Mehlani User Icon on 2008-02-06

Remarks Hi,

I totally agree with you regarding the rebuilding. For me I just wanted to add more payment history and accounts to my reports. Anyway from what I've seen all these cards work the same way whether the issuer is Compu-credit or First Bank of Delaware. "Tribute, Salute, Aspen, Aspire" They establish your credit line. In three months you should have gotten 50.00. The next three months they give you 100.00. Right around your one year anniversary they do a real review for an increase. It could be anywhere between 350-500 or more depending. After that they will either reduce your interest rate and or waive some or all of your annual fee. Some people stick with them to build the history others jump ship when they get better offers. I've seen some people get lines all the way up to 3K-4K. It depends on if you want to take a Fico score hit or not. I think someone mentioned if you close your account before one year you'll take a hit, but if you don't want to deal with them close it right away like the first 30-60 days before it impacts your credit report.
Comment 3 by mehlani
Lol No Luck! User Icon on 2008-02-07

Remarks With the luck I had on the Capital One card CLI, I tried to get one with Tribute, no luck! Was told that you just have to sit and wait until they decide to give you one :( hahaha At this rate, I may be saying goodbye to this card soon haha Oh and update, got that late fee finally reversed after demanding for it. The man wasn't about to give it to me but I told him that I deserved it! The guy still had an accent but thank God he spoke great English. :)
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