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Written by: mehlani on 2008-02-06

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mehlani's review: Callout Comment I didn't get approved unfortunately. Just thought that I would try. I checked my credit score a couple of weeks ago and it was at 645. The reason why they say I was denied was because I had a past Chapter 7 from 9 years ago. Yep, -9 years- ago. It's about to fall off the record in about a year... Most creditors stop looking at that after a few years... But I guess they are a little stricter at BofA. On the other hand, they did approve me (though I think just about everyone qualifies anyway) for a secured card. I'm not sure if it's worthwhile since the account they set up for the collateral (deposit) is non interest bearing. That's news to me because they used to be interest bearing in the past.


Comment 1 by hjm331
It's Alright, Everything Will Be Ok User Icon on 2008-02-06

Remarks Mehlani, I know the Bank of America secured card isn't what you expected. But if I were you, I'd take that secured card, used it for a year, provide them with a loyal payment history and ask for my deposit back. Once you do that, you'll have a pretty good shot with their platinum plus Visa.

Currently, I have a student platinum plus Visa. I got that card when I was in school a little less than a year ago or else I wouldn't have that card right now. Just because they denied you doesn't mean that your credit isn't good. It's just that Bank of America is considered to be one of the "top-dog" credit cards in the industry and they do have strict standards.

Here's the bright side: If you want an unsecured card that will help you in the long run, go with Capital One. They will start you off with a low limit as they did with me. However, if you pay them on time and don't go over your limit, they will increase your limit. Try applying for their Capital One Platinum Mastercard and let me know how everything goes. If you need any help or advice, I will be here for you. Just message me for direct contact.

By the way, if you get approved for a Capital One card, I will give you a telephone number which goes direct to their senior account managers who offer better customer service and have more power in giving you CLI's. Good luck, hope this helps.
Comment 2 by rockin35
Dont Sweat It!! User Icon on 2008-04-03

Remarks Hi Mehlani,

You are exactly right when you thought that companies stop looking at the Bankruptcies after a few years. I used to work for the Jackson TN credit bureau, and I also worked for a large department store chain in the credit department. I have seen more chapters 13's and chapter 7 filers get credit cards faster than the person that has only minimal credit for 1 year or less. I've also seen times when Mr. BigDawg owner of 10 restaurants gets turned down because he has 55 different accounts that he/she pays on each month. So it is do-able. There are companies now that will give you a credit card after 2-3 years in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. My sister filed in Texas in 2006. She got approved for 1000 limit with Capital One. So Hang in there!!! Sheila
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