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Written by: macflyer on 2008-01-21

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macflyer's review: Callout Comment This should have been my first review since I´ve been shopping the past month for 3 different credit cards and this was my second.

I was first sceptical but since the offered me a 0% until Jan 2009 for any purchase of $250 ore more I decided to apply in-store although I doubted I would get approved since my credit history is almost new and only being an authorized user on my spouse´s BofA Mastercard.

I got approved within 5 minutes for $2300 CL and I felt that was way too much. LOL. I´m from a different culture and running into debt or applying for huge credit, even if you don´t use it, always makes me super nervous. But living in the USA showed me quickly you need to have good credit for almost everything. So, I try to build it the right way.

Well, the card arrived after exactly 7 days in the mail. Activation was easy but the lady was very pushy to sign me up for the account insurance program and I had to confirm orally severaltimes that I want to enroll. I still have to verify if that was a good move or rip-off. I still can cancel it after the terms arrive.

Online, it was easy to set up online account access and I also enrolled for check-free online payment and already scheduled my first payment to see if everything goes smoothly. Don´t want to run into any surprises when it counts.

I won´t use this card too much. I just want to be able to get one or the other 0%/12 months the next years and I maybe maintain a small balance to pay off every month. Since Walmart is one of the cheapest retailers around here, it does make sense shopping there AND benefitting using this card (025-1% cash back).

For everything else, I´m going to update this review over time.


Comment 1 by meya
Way To Go User Icon on 2008-01-22

Remarks You made a smart move by applying for yourself. The new credit scoring system are cracking down hard on authorize users, pretty soon, you are going to look up and see that they have removed you from your husbands cards and are only leaving what you applied for by yourself on your credit report. They started this process because of "Piggybackers" abusing the credit scoring system.

Good luck with your card, and congrats on the high limit they gave you. If you have not applied for any other credit cards, such as a single account (MasterCard, Visa) now is the time to do so.
Comment 2 by vingstar
Applying In-store User Icon on 2008-01-28

Remarks How is applying in-store easier than applying online? I've applied a couple times in the past for this card online & each & every time I was denied. So should I apply in-store for a better chanc of approval?
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