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Written by: roy456 on 2008-01-19

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roy456's review: Callout Comment I got this message when I applied: Your application requires further processing. You will receive a response in the mail within two weeks.

Has anyone else got this message?


Comment 1 by ash
Re: User Icon on 2008-01-19

Remarks Did you write down your application/reference number? If you did you should be able to check your application status online. Otherwise you can call in a few days to see whats going on...

Good Luck!
Comment 2 by roy456
No Number User Icon on 2008-01-19

Remarks It didn't give me one. I guess I will have to call
Comment 3 by beanciapoo
Status User Icon on 2008-01-19

Remarks When I applied for my mother one, it said they would contact her in 2 weeks. She had no reference #. She was not approved. I think that might mean not approved. Don't just count on it, but that is what happened to my mom.
Comment 4 by crazy2k5
You Might Get It User Icon on 2008-01-19

Remarks Dont count yourself out yet. I applied a couple of weeks ago and they said my application needed further processing and I called a couple of days later and they told me they had mailed out my card.
Comment 5 by meya
Hey Roy User Icon on 2008-01-19

Remarks I wouldnt be surprised if it was a denial or approval, target will play games with you (denial after 10 tries) before they issue a card. Well at least this was my and a few others experience. You might have the card, try calling them and see
Comment 6 by chrispa
Target User Icon on 2008-01-20

Remarks Further processing with target is like a 50/50 chance of getting it or being shot down by them. This bank is unpredictable.

Good Luck,

Comment 7 by roy456
Approved For Regular User Icon on 2008-01-22

Remarks I just called and they said that I had to verify more info. They asked about a truck that I had what age is my mom and what county that I live in. Approved me for 200.00 for the regular Target card. This is my lowest yet.

How is it that everyone can get 1000.00 or more and me only get 200 or 300 or 500 on different credit cards. No late payments ever reported on my credit reports.
Comment 8 by meya
That's Target For Ya! User Icon on 2008-01-22

Remarks Oh don't worry, nearly all the posts in here states that they start off at $200 cl with Target. The ones with the $2k limit are usually the Target Visa, or someone with nearly a 800 credit score. They will increase your limit with time. I am still taking Eric's advice about the 5 months first increase. I am still at $200 and it has been 5 months ago almost since I had the card. The only bad thing is, "We can't call in for a limit increase" because it is generated by computers. :(
Comment 9 by eric
CLI User Icon on 2008-02-05

Remarks They start everyone off at $200, they will increase you in 3 months to $500 guaranteed.
Comment 10 by meya
Eric User Icon on 2008-02-05

Remarks Then tell me why I am still stuck at $200 5 months later? This is what I don't seem to understand, and you cant even call in and ask for a cli. I sent a online message through them complaining about a cli and they sent nothing back but the "We review on a periodic basic" blah, blah, blah. This is why I am about to close it, I don't even go to target, I just did it to prove a point of being rejected too many times from them. Do you think they know? Hehehehe
Comment 11 by krh1air
Double Trouble User Icon on 2008-03-07

Remarks My wife and I both got this card at the same time about 3 months ago, I have used mine and my wife hasn't. My limit is $500 now and my wife's is still $200
Comment 12 by meya
Good Luck User Icon on 2008-03-07

Remarks I had the target store card for nearly 6 months and they did not give me a cli at all. I closed the account and shredded the card.
Comment 13 by em072205
I'm Betting If You User Icon on 2008-05-18

Remarks Don't get an application id number that you don't get approved. I didn't get one or at least that I noticed so I'm guessing a denial. Did you ever get your card?
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