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Written by: annas on 2008-01-18

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annas's review: Callout Comment I received a pre-approval letter in the mail last week and reviewed the terms ($9.95 monthly fee with a $1000 limit and 19% interest rate). I am trying to re-establish my credit after a bankruptsy case about 6 years ago and thought I would give the card a try and see if I "really" was pre-approved. So over the weekend I filled out the online application and was actually approved, chose the rush option for $20 and my card arrived 3 business days later via UPS. So far I am greatly pleased and will recommend this card to others (plus it comes with various bonuses). Only downside is that they post on their website that there is a $4.95 fee for making a payment online. :-(


Comment 1 by hjm331
Congrats! User Icon on 2008-01-18

Remarks AnnaS, you should've tried Hooters or Capital One. They are also cards for credit builders with all the non sense fees. I have a First Premier Bank Mastercard, they would charge me $7.00 to make a payment but I pay them through my Bank of America online bill pay which is free.
Comment 2 by vingstar
No Fee For Online Payments User Icon on 2008-01-18

Remarks I've had my Tribute Mastercard since September 07 & am never charged to make a payment on their web site.
Comment 3 by mtj2150
Also A Good Experience User Icon on 2008-01-19

Remarks I have had mine since October... No problems here either.

I am never charged for online payments (??? Not sure why) and unlinke many other subprime cards these guys post the payment pretty much immediately for me. Strange, this is the same bank (First Delaware) as CONTINENTAL FINANCE M/C and that card places a 7-15 day payment "hold" on almost anything you do!

So far so good with customer service too. No issues. But I treat my cedit cards like checks - I always pay off balance in full the day the stmt comes out - so no harassing calls or last-minute issues with me. It may be diferent if I'm ever late!

Crossing my fingers so far.

P. S. Credit score shot up to 660/650/655 from the low 500s in under 3 months thanks to these subprime cards. I'm actually considered "Fair" now!! These cards are expensive, but for those of us rebuilding THEY DO WORK if you treat them rght.
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