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Written by: mtj2150 on 2008-01-03

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mtj2150's review: Callout Comment No negative experiences here. Approved Nov '07 w/FICO of 520-ish. Paid card off every month... Got my monthly fees REFUNDED in December! Phone agents informative and polite.

No issues at all.

It's always important to keep a healthy perspective on things. I read a lot of reviews where people say "Rude", "Harassing", "High Fees" etc.


That means its expensive. It also means you need to pay on time, every time. Pay it off if you can. Keep your balances low so you don't get whacked by interest. And most important - pay with at least enough time to avoid those last-minute frustrations that make creditors seem so "Rude" or "Harassing" (That means if it's due on the 25th pay it by the 15th).

My new life rule that has my FICO climbing (now at 600+)... Live within your means! In general, if I can't pay for it, I don't buy it. This keeps creditors, my bank account and me happier. And no harassing calls!


Comment 1 by vingstar
Using It Responsibly User Icon on 2008-01-03

Remarks It's not rocket science to know that if you use any credit card responsibly & pay on time EVERTIME then you shouldn't encounter problems with a credit card company.

The ones that DO encounter problems are those that use their cards haphazardly.

Treat your credit cards right & they'll treat you right BUT if you use them carelessly then don't be surprised by the problems you'll encounter.
Comment 2 by ash
Re:Total Card User Icon on 2008-01-07

Remarks I got this card too last year 8/06 as a builder for payment history. My only issue with them is I have always paid on time, Never late or Over the limit. I find it annoying they have their computers or cs reps calling your house several times to remind you don't forget to pay your bill. (Duh!) Same deal with Rewards 660 Visa. None of my other card companies do that except these two.
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