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Written by: nwalker30 on 2008-01-02

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nwalker30's review: Callout Comment I received a pre approval for this card several months ago. The offers really started to come when we closed on our house. I applied in Oct 2007 and was approved for a $2500 cl... Not bad! My score is around 660. As stated in previous reviews, my credit was horrible years ago. It takes time and patience to build credit. I like many of you had crappy cards with tons of fees like first premier (which I recently closed) and total Visa. I am presently closing all accounts with fees.


Comment 1 by porgy1000
Well It Is Citi Bank User Icon on 2008-01-02

Remarks Your Home Depot card is issued by Citi Bank which is my favorite credit card company. They are a great bank for credit cards, you should close out your lousy cards and just keep the good ones.
Comment 2 by meya
Nice Limit User Icon on 2008-01-02

Remarks How many years have you had the cards that you are about to close? Closing cards with long history can hurt your scores. I have read this on numerous occasions. Just thought that I would throw a bug in>:)
Comment 3 by adicus
Credit Mix User Icon on 2008-01-02

Remarks Congrats! NWalker30

From what I understand you must have a pretty good credit mix. Mortgage, Car Loan and now quality credit cards. Sounds like a winner. My FICO Score jumped 47 point within this quarter. I canceled all those undesirable cards. I also sent a letter to the O. C (Backline) to have them post the zero balances on my credit file. I also had (4) old credit cards (less than a year on my credit file) removed that were from 5 years ago. You have control of your reporting/FICO than you think.
Comment 4 by nwalker30
Closing Accounts User Icon on 2008-01-03

Remarks Meya, the accounts I am about to close actually have been open since 2004. If they were open for 5 years or more I would consider keeping them open. However, I would rather my score be affected a little bit than keep these crappy fee cards open.
Comment 5 by meya
Nwlaker User Icon on 2008-01-04

Remarks Well I do agree with you and furthermore, you know what is best. Could you let me know what happened to your report after closing cards with that much history?
Comment 6 by nwalker30
Will Update If Report Changes User Icon on 2008-01-04

Remarks Yes, I'll keep you posted on what happens.
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