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Written by: ash on 2007-12-04

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ash's review: Callout Comment I got the household classic in 2002 after my bk and I heard you could not have more than one card. I went to orchards preapproval site and they did a soft pull and approved for a platium. You can select which type of card you want, I got the one with the yellow labs. The funny thing is when the card came it was a premium with 2% cash back rewards. After this one came I went to directly to the HSBC site to see what would happen and they also appvoved for a regular platinum. I didn't go there first because I thought my score was too low. However they did say two is the maximum amount of cards.


Comment 1 by beanciapoo
You Are Right User Icon on 2007-12-04

Remarks I donot think the bank know how many cards people can have. They say one thing and do another. I do have A GMC Mastercard through HSBS, PLatinum Mastercard through Orchard Bank, Direct Reward Discover through HSBC. Orchard and HSBC are the same I heard. Seems to be ok. I have only used GMC Mastercard not the other 2.
Comment 2 by meya
One For Me! User Icon on 2007-12-05

Remarks I went through the preapproval site and they denied me. Was told that I have the max amount of credit cards from them. I only have one card and has had the card for four years now. Guess they don't want to mess with me on that level... Oh well, its cool though. Congrats for you.
Comment 3 by hsbcfan
Great Credit Rebuilder!!!!!!! User Icon on 2007-12-11

Remarks My husband and I were trying to re establish our credit and we both got approved. It was hard with his having a 300.00 credit line and mine a 500.00 credit line, but we stayed within our credit line and made more than the minimum every month. After a solid year of this we finally got in the "good" credit tier! I recommend this card to everyone looking to get back on track. We all have issues at one point in time but remember to think about credit card companies that do mortgages, auto loans, personal etc. Don't run your credit everywhere either ( you look too desperate for debt ) just don't give up and I recommend checking your job to see if you have a credit union to take a 500.00 loan out with a 500.00 deposit and show them you can rebuild. I was very happy I had a small credit union that always looked out for us. Good luck everyone! :)
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