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Written by: lp25 on 2007-11-25

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lp25's review: Callout Comment This is what I got...

Application is being processed...(aka Denied :laughing:)

We have received your application but need to perform additional processing before we can provide you with a decision. Within 30 days we will send you more information at the address provided on your application.

After you receive your Discover Card in the mail, return to Discovercard.com to manage your Account online. You can also take advantage of other great offers including Home Loans, Insurance, CD and Monday Market Accounts and more!

Sounds a little contradicting, but my experience with 30 day letters is never good. Boohoo! LOL


Comment 1 by tknoxjr
NOT ALWAYS TRUE User Icon on 2007-11-25

Remarks What I have found out with discover is if you have a lot of inuries before this they bascially will send you a email telling you to call them or send it us mail, with me I did also receive that message and got a email telling them to call them, they asked info to prove my identity, and said denied but approved for the HSBC discover, however my friend did the same thing and called them and they approved them, it really comes down to whats on your credit report and your score. Oh yeah the reason they denied me, one upaid judgment from 2002 and too many inquiries
Comment 2 by lp25
Thank You User Icon on 2007-11-25

Remarks That's interesting, thank you.  With this application I now have 6 inquiries in one year.  The only thing I do have on my credit report is a past judgment (child support) that was paid in full in 2004.  I currently have 2 loans and 1 BofA cc... All "never late." 

Because I'm such a chicken to call and find out whether or not I am approved, I will wait the 30 days out.  LOL

Thanks for your comment!
Comment 3 by meya
Nooo User Icon on 2007-11-26

Remarks Wipe those tears away LP25, I got faith and my fingers crossed. I had a 30 situation with them for a student card awhile ago, and no matter how much I called in, they would still tell me that it was under review. I believe that you might get the Direct Rewards Discover from HSBC (if all else fails). I have seen a lot of people in here offered that card. Even though my applications are shot to the curve with every creditor, I still have hope for others. I feel a good vibe with them for you, so let's just wait.
Comment 4 by lp25
Update User Icon on 2007-12-06

Remarks I was denied, but offered the Direct Rewards Card. I got a $900 CL.
Comment 5 by bramford
More Denial Discovery User Icon on 2008-02-17

Remarks I just Discover More Denial letters in my mail Box with regard to the Dicover Card. ;-)
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