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Written by: lizzy590 on 2007-11-18

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lizzy590's review: Callout Comment I applied for this card and was denied but was approved for a partial secured car where u pay them $99 and you get a credit limit of $500. I went through with it because it was less then some of the fees I had fror my unsecured cards. Never heard of this has anyone ever heard about this before.


Comment 1 by tknoxjr
HAVE ONE User Icon on 2007-11-18

Remarks Yea, I have heard of it and yes it is popular, you have to apply first for a reguar unsecured card and if you get denied you may get a counter offer for this card, not everyone gets this so it is not a bad credit card by all means, yeah send them $99 and and about 2 weeks later they will send you a card for a limit of $500 it is a great way to earn trust through boa good luck
Comment 2 by meya
Good Thinking User Icon on 2007-11-20

Remarks I hear a lot of people talking about your situation. You went for it for a good reason. It will pay off in the future.
Comment 3 by eric
Hey Everybody User Icon on 2007-11-29

Remarks I work for Bof A as a customer satisfation mgr (customer service)... This is actually a good offer and in as little as 9-12 months you are able to take the $99 out of the savings account.
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