"100% Fraudulent Company. Run Run Away As Fast As Possible "

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Written by: wickedboss9 on 2022-03-16

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wickedboss9's review: Callout Comment Excited to be productive towards a goal of higher credit after Corona Virus. it was declined at approximately 7pm for an online purchase. Fraud texted my cell and I immediately called for a solution while reading the company slogan that states "Our customer service begins with the sale and never ends". Well they end from 6pm to 6am 7 days a week. No chat/no email/no phones/ no possible solution. When there's a challenging situation created by a human written code within the discount outdated A.I. they rely upon to deem our transactions as suspicious we are 100% on our own. I do not recommend this to anyone who's time is precious. It's pretty clear that they rely on ignorant semantics as sleazy as "Going out for Business" to mislead prospective customers. Why is this company not held accountable for false misleading dangerous immoral and unethical statements?? I give them them a 1 out of 10 simply because they spelled their company name correctly, or maybe not? The world will never know.

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