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Written by: sadarr1985 on 2017-07-16

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sadarr1985's review: Callout Comment I Have Had This Card First Premier Bank MasterCard, For About A Month It Started Me Out With A $300.00 Credit Limit, And YES! I Know About There Fee's! But Before You Say, It's To Much! It's A Lot Better Than You! Putting Money On A Secure Credit Card, Think About This For A Moment! On A Secure Credit Card, That Credit Card Company, Will Charge You Fee's As Well! And Not Only That! But They Are Charging You Fee's! With YOUR OWN MONEY! I Use First Premier MasterCard To Pay For My Netflix.com,Hulu.com, And My CBS.com. All Of Which Are LOW! Monthly Billing's! Around $20.00 Or More. Once I Have Done That I Shredded My Card, And Then Each Month I Pay My Charge's Off, That My Card Was Billed For! And NOW! I Have One Of The MOST BEST CREDIT CARDS YOU CAN GET! I Have An American Express And They Started Me Off! With A Credit Limit Of $3,000 With No Annual Fee! *A*W*E*S*O*M*E!

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Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: First Premier Bank Mastercard User Icon on 2017-07-17

Remarks Congratulations on building good credit! That is a big step. As to Secured Cards ... there are several banks that offer good products for an annual fee only and they graduate to a non-secured card (security refunded). Citi Bank, Bank of America and several Credit Unions offer good products with graduations coming anywhere from around six months to two years depending on the card holder's credit profile and performance record. Yes, you will tie up your money in the security and the cost of money versus fees is part of the potential card holder's equation for determining what works.
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