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Written by: brown14 on 2016-09-10

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brown14's review: I received my first Amex card last year. I called customer service to inquire on upgrade offers since I was at the 13 month mark. They said I could upgrade to the gold or premier gold. This was a no brainer. The regular gold does not compare to premier. With 2x points at gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants you can earn rewards in no time. Customer service is top notch.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Awesome Benefits! on 2016-09-10

Congrats on your working your way into the high test AX Charge Cards! Appreciate the higher benefit level!
Comment 2 by breakinger
Re: Awesome Benefits! on 2016-09-12

Congratulations, brown14. I've always wanted to try and get an AMEX card, but I don't know which one will suit me. Are there any annual fees with the gold or premier gold cards? Also, is it common to wait 13 months before trying to upgrade your current card?
Comment 3 by brown14
Re: Awesome Benefits! on 2016-09-24

Thanks! @breakinger I know people who have upgraded sooner than 13 months but that is the standard timeframe for upgrades. I think it varies by consumer.
Comment 4 by roughdraft
Re: Awesome Benefits! on 2016-09-28

Congrats! I get offers in the mail for this card. I currently have a USAA Amex branded card and it's not accepted at a lot of locations so I only use it for paying bills online, never carry. I like the prestige this card holds but when I crunch the numbers, the amount of spending I do and the amount of rewards I would earn doesn't justify have a card with this annual fee.
Comment 5 by wanderer
Re: Awesome Benefits! on 2016-10-02

In todays' market place, AX is often available with higher Apr's and annual fees. One needs to weigh the rewards/benefits against the costs to determine the real value. The prestige that existed back in the 1950's through early 1990's was more about psychological than real (I had AX Cards back to 1972 when supposedly the cards were only issued to the elite - hmm well not sure I made that status). Many Visa/Master Cards have lower fees and better rewards so their real cost is less. Since we are sliding/EMVing the cards or MasterPass or whatever today ... fewer people even handle our cards so I don't see the prestige factor meaning much. Also, since AX started issuing cards to the masses, the prestige really went the way of the dinosaur :)
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