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Written by: rsty99 on 2016-06-16

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rsty99's review: Had this card many years ago, 1998 but closed account. Never really thought about going back. Limiting my cards to 3 cards and this is what I chose to complete that 3. FICO was 705 with instant approval $5500 cl.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Back To Discover on 2016-06-16

Awesome approval! Welcome to the Discover Card family. Had mine since 2011. Like Discover Deals! Categories ok too.
Comment 2 by breakinger
Re: Back To Discover on 2016-06-18

I love my Discover card as well and this is the one card that I will never get rid of. Congratulations on getting such a high CL to start out with. Do you think it's because you were a previous card holder?
Comment 3 by rsty99
Re: Back To Discover on 2016-06-18

No I wouldn't think so being the age old that old closed account.
Comment 4 by
Re: Back To Discover on 2016-06-18

No I wouldn't think so being the age old that old closed account.
Comment 5 by roughdraft
Re: Back To Discover on 2016-09-28

I've had my It card, formally the More card. I don't use it much. Like Amex, I find that being told the card isn't accepted somewhere completely irks me. I have much higher credit limits on my other cards so I've considered closing it. I think I will eventually. I only use it to pay for my Netflix account. I don't like the revolving categories and I think the interest rate is too high. But it's not all bad. It once got me into Great America (Six Flags) and I was able to cut the line and whenever I've had questions their customer service is top notch, but I would rather have a all around 2% cash back than a revolving category account. Even Chase now has the Freedom unlimited, which offers 1.5% cash back instead of revolving categories.
Comment 6 by wanderer
Re: Back To Discover on 2016-10-02

Roughdraft you could call Discover and request a lower Apr. In reading in other places it seems Discover is open to looking at Apr reductions. Food for thought. They are also good on BTs and cash to your checking account which I have used a few times.
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