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Written by: bc8787 on 2016-04-13

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bc8787's review: Callout Comment I applied for this card today after receiving inviation offers to come back after i closed my account with them back in 2011. I closed it because the CL was low and I had plenty of other cards with higher limits. Giving them another shot I tried today and was approved for a CL for 2500. Seriously? They pull equifax which unfortunetely is my lowest score at 722 but I have close to 100K in income a year. I can make payments larger than 2500. I called to see what they could do and the rep i spoke with said yes they get a lot of applicants with good credit calling in asking why the CL's are so low he advised they are a very conservative lender. Ok... be conservative with a 560 fico i totally get that but not over a 700. Prime clients are the clients you are suppose to stick your neck out for. I am a credit analyst as a profession and am always generous to a 700+ fico that comes across my desk. Shoot... they have worked hard for it.


Comment 1 by bc8787
Re: Never Again Discover User Icon on 2016-04-13

Remarks **I did advise for them to not even open the account. Waste of an inquiry ;-/
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: Never Again Discover User Icon on 2016-04-14

Remarks True they are often are conservative lender to start but, they have become very user friendly with credit limit increases on performing accounts that see utilization. The pattern seems to follow around 90 days plus. In the last year I increased my credit line four times worth $11,000. They started me at $2,000. Also, no hard credit inquiries. Share your opinion on quality prime customers and why start low?
Comment 3 by breakinger
Re: Never Again Discover User Icon on 2016-04-15

Remarks My Discover card started out with a $2500 CL and rose very quickly to a $10,000 limit. They are one of the few credit cards that I've kept over the past few years because I've never had a problem with them at all. I understand that it does seem like a smaller amount, but I would see where it goes in a few months.
Comment 4 by mjkjones
Re: Never Again Discover User Icon on 2016-04-27

Remarks I started with $500 credit Line and now i am at $25,000 yes discover is a conservative lender when I first got my credit card with them My scores were way over 730 and I have never asked for a credit increased but one day I log online to pay a payment I seen my limit went from $500 to $9000 in 8mo then 14 mo later I seen my limit at $25000.00
Comment 5 by tishbel
Re: Never Again Discover User Icon on 2017-01-29

Remarks Sounds like they start low because of the cashback. 5% cashback is a really good rate, and with the card matching the cashback to double it for the first year, an initial high credit limit could cost them a lot. If the limit rises as fast as people say that cashback makes this a really good card.
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