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Written by: mrrob on 2015-10-15

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mrrob's review: Callout Comment BK-13 2007 had to include Discover, but they gave me another chance, Thought it was a computer glitch, called and approval was confirmed. Received the card today.


Comment 1 by derekjenkinson
Re: 2nd Chance User Icon on 2015-10-16

Remarks What is your APR and initial Credit limit, and credit score at time of application? Please provide more information to help other users who wish to apply.
Comment 2 by breakinger
Re: 2nd Chance User Icon on 2016-02-12

Remarks That's great that this company is giving you another chance. I would also like to know what your credit score was when they approved it and what the initial credit limit was. I'm a big fan of Discover and have been thinking about applying for the 'It' card.
Comment 3 by moco
Re: 2nd Chance User Icon on 2018-10-10

Remarks That’s great!! I never applied again after my bk in ‘96 and had to include them, I got into some trouble along way and Am rebuilding even hired credit repair agency, raising 3 kids on one income, dealing with cancer and then recently 2 car accidents... my CS 548 and went down to 500 when I applied for capital one ( wrote 3 accounts off in second bk in 15) because my bf tried and he had to do secured after his bk7, I applied for goggles not expecting them to actually give me an unsecured card, but they did!!! And I am an authorized user on my dads 3000$ Capital One platinum as well. I have 2 secured cards and my credit utilization is only at 9%, I’m hoping to have a big jump in a few months!! But I’d like to get discover back too!! I loved that card
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