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Written by: katrina striggles on 2007-10-11

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katrina striggles's review: Callout Comment I THINK This card is a scam no, no, no, this bank is a scam they tricked me I thought I had a good credit card I didn't have to pay anything first no deposit I thought I had a promotional rate of 0% apr on everything for six months or until March 2008 or at least that's what I was told I check my account and see an anuall fee of 59.00 so I call them up tell them about the fee and that I am not supposed to have one and also that I am still in my promotional period so I shouldn't be getting any interest or apr fees. They tell me that I have an unsecured card so that's why I didn't have to pay a deposit but (there is alway's a but) I do have an annual fee now I explaine to them no that's not what I was told they tell me that that's what they have in the computer I told them I would have never signed up for a card like that they tell me "well I'm sorry to hear that and she will make a note that I was misinformed and also don't charge me an over the limit fee and make my apr go up to default. Oh and lets not forget I am not even in a promotional period I get a 2.9 interest rate on all purchases " mind you this means I was mislead lied to and cheated I am so sick of this bank treating its customers like numbers. This is all they had to say "it's not secured but it is" whatever that's supposed to mean. So yes I am stuck with this crappy card for now but I will speak to an attorney I don't think this is right.

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