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Written by: injustifiiable on 2014-02-20

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injustifiiable's review: While reviewing my latest TU report, I noticed a soft from Barclays. Since I hadn't gotten any mail from them, I thought I'd check out the "Proactive Prescreen" site of theirs to see if an offer would come up - I'd tried it in the past and nothing had come up for me then.

Lo and Behold - "You've been preselected!"

Anyway, a few clicks and pecks later and boom...$2,000 credit line! The sucky thing is the APR - 23.99% - but there's only one APR available for this version of their rewards card. I did get 0% promo APR for 6 months though.

Just going to baby this one since I know Barclays will be watching...thankfully, there's no other cards I want at the moment!

Glad I've been able to get in with a few prime lenders over the past couple of months...AMEX and Chase...you're next!!!

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Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Approved! Approved! Approved! on 2014-03-02

Congrats! You opened the door with Barclays!
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