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Written by: jennifer merath on 2013-05-29

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jennifer merath's review: Callout Comment No surprise... Rebuilding and at 571, and it says This offer is not available to residents of Wisconsin.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Denied User Icon on 2013-05-29

Remarks Amazed. Did not know they only served a certain geographic area. Hmm...
Comment 2 by patrick12
Re: Denied User Icon on 2013-05-29

Remarks Consider yourself lucky! I bet there is something written in to Wisconsin law that enables these jokers from offering their card to residents! Dont give up, try a secured card with Capital One or even try for a card with Credit One Bank! Best of luck!
Comment 3 by rob72830
Re: Denied User Icon on 2013-06-03

Remarks I agree. Consider yourself lucky. Apply for a Bank Of America secured card. Considering all the fees first premier charges, you would be better off paying it to BofA up front then later you can change over to an unsecured card and they will refund your money. Good luck!
Comment 4 by bc8787
Re: Denied User Icon on 2013-06-09

Remarks They cannot offer this card in the state of Wisconsin because that state does not allow the fees that this card charges to its residents of that state.
Comment 5 by credit king
Re: Denied User Icon on 2013-06-14

Remarks Listen to what people are telling you about the secured card! But take it one step further as this is a key to really getting perfect credit one day as quickly as possible!!!! Go into several banks and check the policies on the secured cards. Try to find one that will transfer the account number to a new unsecured card when they decided you are ready. The reason for this is that your average account length is a part of your credit score. If they just close that account and open a new one then you are back at square one as far as time goes. I hate bank of America with a passion but it is a good recommendation to use them. Reason being is that that are the most powerful bank out there and will be around a long time. Personally I would try a credit union bank. They tend to be more forgiving but you will need to open a bank account first with them and a savings account will be very helpful too. Credit unions tend to have the best rates and typically try to help people build credit instead of holding them down. I have to agree with the other users as well on the first premier card. They are horrible and should be avoided! Thank God for unanswered prayers! I know it is hard as hell to get a decent unsecured card with a 571 score but those cards will only turn out to be a waste of time and money. Also you can try Capital One as they have a card for people with lower credit scores. They also have a secured card as well.
Comment 6 by mrvoiceguy
Re: Denied User Icon on 2013-10-29

Remarks Jennifer I had two of the First premier platinum cards before the financial meltdown...they had high fees but when I was approved the APR was 9.9%...neither of the cards grew much...I started with one at $350 and the other at $325...I have closed them both in the past six months with a CL of $675 and 625...the APR had jumped to 19.9%...each card had a monthly fee of $6 on one and $7 on the other...
Credit One is much better and they now offer 1% back on gas plus the card will grow...I started at a $300 CL and now five or so years later I am over $2000...they do have fees but to grow your scores you may need to pay them...
My scores were 35 points lower than yours in 2005 and now I am in the mid 700's with prime cards and I have methodically dumped the sub-prime cards that charge fees...
I wish you well on your credit building journey...
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