"This Is NOT Unsecured Credit. It's A Scam."

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Written by: peggy george on 2013-03-23

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peggy george's review: Callout Comment I have a 561 credit score. I applied because I am looking for an unsecured line of credit. I filled out all of the information and was approved for a $2500.00 line of credit. But the "credit" is a joke. When I tried to make a purchase via their online site, they wanted a deposit on the item equal to 85 percent of the purchase price. NO WAY ! I called customer service because I thought that the deposit request was a mistake. It wasn't. Plus, you do not get the item until you pay for it completely, I found out. It's like layaway only worse. With interest, you are paying four times the value of the item. Plus, if you miss a payment or are late by even one day, you lose your deposit and the item.


Comment 1 by patrick12
Re: This Is NOT Unsecured Credit. It's A Scam. User Icon on 2013-03-23

Remarks Sounds like it! I would look into Kay Jewelers for Jared's, thats just a complete waste of money and time!
Comment 2 by roughdraft
Re: This Is NOT Unsecured Credit. It's A Scam. User Icon on 2013-03-25

Remarks I had this account in 2010, but it used to be the down payment was about 40% (which is what you could buy the stuff elsewhere to begin with) and they shipped you the items, you then had minimum payments and paid the items off. I had gotten an account with them because of the high limit, but it turned out they stopped reporting the the bureau's sometime in 2009. Sounds like they have just gone further down hill. With your score, Capital One might be worth a shot. If not their unsecured card, try their secured card and then you can apply for unsecred credit after 6 months.
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