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Written by: colnagoflight on 2013-03-09

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colnagoflight's review: Callout Comment The short and skinny is save $100 a month to increase limit. Charge no more than 30 percent of credit line. Pay in full every month. Add a cap1 savings acct with payroll deposit.

Result for me 15 months after starting $200 credit limit is

Dillard's $400
SAMs club $700
Cap1 rewards $1000
Best buy $2000
Helzberg $2800
Cap1 sec is at $3000 (partially secured)
Sears MasterCard $3000

All in 15 months.

Never be late
Never be over the limit
Never have balance greater than 30 percent of credit line
Payoff other obligations.

My card is still secured but length of time on credit bureau is the benefit to keeping. My new citi card is 0 percent for 6 months and no annual fee.

Scores..depends on the bureau. TU is 685 but experience is like 615.
I do not remember the other score.

Plus I got a used truck thru Toyota credit.

it is all about ratios and statistical models. Think like a banker.

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