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Written by: akcredit on 2013-01-23

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akcredit's review: Callout Comment Hi FG,

This will be my last card I apply for my wife for the rest of the year. This card I applied was before the Amex and Chase cards.

Well on Dec-11-12 I applied online and got a pending decision. I waited for the email to come and found out it was denied for limited credit history. I called the reconsideration line and they told me I was denied because I opened a lot of credit cards in the year. They used Experian and I opened 4 credit cards the last one being Macy's in June. I told them if they reconsider they said no.

I searched online how to reconsider with Citi, and found it was better to send a letter to the Citibank Executive Review Department. So I wrote a letter explaining my Credit and Score and told them I wanted to replace Cap One with them. Also I told them I heard a lot of good reviews (FG) about them and excellent customer service.

I sent them the letter on Dec-15 and received a response on Dec-28 saying that they needed my wife's Social Security card. on Jan-1 I sent the SS# card. I was so happy with the letter that I forgot to send my Reference # with the letter. Jan-14 came and received a letter stating they don't have a reference #. Jan-16 I sent the letter with the REFERENCE# and SS#. On Jan-22 they called me telling me they received my letter and its under review and they will call me when the review is completed. They did not call back and figured it was denied.

Today I went to there website and put the reference # and zip code and she got approved for $1500.00 21.99 APR and 0 AF. I don't know the scores yet but I believe they were around 700. Thank you Citibank. That's it I will not apply for any more cards.

AK Credit.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Approved!!!!!! After 6 Weeks.... User Icon on 2013-01-23

Remarks WOW! Congrats! Your persistence is notable and pays off. This card will lower your purchases APR over a two year period 2% if you pay on time and are not over limit. They also award an extra 100 points a month for good card performance (to your Thank You account). You need to let six plus months pass and age your accounts without any new inquiries. Citi looks at CL increases every six to twelve months (you call in or online - I like calling in just incase there are questions) and all my CL's have been no inquiries. They are concerned about too many inquiries. Citi is very loyal (generally) to their customers. Oh, I forgot to mention that Citi e-mailed me and offered the Citi Forward Visa Card and I accepted because it is a good card (Oct - 2012).
Comment 2 by akcredit
Re: Approved!!!!!! After 6 Weeks.... User Icon on 2013-01-30

Remarks Citi used Experian Fico 694
Comment 3 by akcredit
Re: Approved!!!!!! After 6 Weeks.... User Icon on 2013-01-30

Remarks As part of the Promo I signed up for 30,000 points after 3k in 9 months. It was 10K points after 500 spent in the first 3 months, spend 1K in the next 3 months and get 10k. and spend 1.5k in the last 3 months and get the final 10k.
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