"Was Approved Didin't Use After 3 Months They Closed Account."

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Written by: kaismom on 2013-01-12

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kaismom's review: Callout Comment Not worth the hard hit. They closed my account b/c I didin't buy anything after only 3 months. $500 limit.

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Comment 1 by cfmdev49
Re: Was Approved Didin't Use After 3 Months They Closed Account. User Icon on 2013-01-15

Remarks Sorry to hear about that...but not surprising. I had a pre-approval for a barclays rewards card and in the fine print it stated that if you went 90 days without a charge the account was subject to closing. I guess it's another tactic by cc companies to generate revenue in any way possible...annoying but they make the rules...it's possible that Newport News had the same requirements in their fine print...perhaps if you call them they will re-open the account for you if you explain that you didn't realize that non use was part of the cardholder agreement...
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