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Written by: michael cook on 2013-01-10

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michael cook's review: Callout Comment Well I have 12 credit cards 5 are capital ones.. I filed bankruptcy in July 2009 and discharged Oct 2009.. Well I went into Sears because my mother got approved for a HSBC/Capital One MasterCard with a $1800 limit. She was declined for the Citi version... So I applied thinking I would get a Capital One version Citi Bank approved me for a $4000 limit! I was shocked. The interest is nearly 26% but I'm not complaining with my credit being considered " fair-good" Ficos Eq-650 Exp: 667 TU: 690. They pulled experian. I thought Citi had a no clause for bankruptcies like Chase after a certain period of time IE; 4 years. Its not quite 4 years but 3 years and 6 months about... I closed 4 capital one cards with annual fees $39.00 about. They refuse to combine accounts anymore or work with you... I highly recommend this card because of the great financing offers it has...

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Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Sears MasterCard User Icon on 2013-01-10

Remarks Awesome. Go figure? You did well with the CL and paying the balance in full could avoid interest as we all know. Glad you shared this approach to getting back into the credit world.
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