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Written by: dawn on 2007-10-03

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dawn's review: Callout Comment I received a pre approval in the mail and went online to apply. I was approved for a credit limit of $1750.00. When asked if I would like to have this card rush-shipped in 2 days for $20.00 I clicked yes. As of today I have not received the card and numerous calls to several different depts. Within the company have turned up nothing they claim they cannot locate my info. I checked my credit report and it is showing that I have a card. Hmmmm???? Has anyone had this experience? I don't know where to turn at this point. I am trying to re-build my credit not make it worse!


Comment 1 by meya
$1750? User Icon on 2007-10-03

Remarks Wow, I never knew this card gave out limits this high or accumulated increases up to $1000. Good luck, hope your card come soon!
Comment 2 by larry
Can Anyone Help User Icon on 2007-10-03

Remarks I got the same offer in the mail about 6 months ago
credit line 1750.00 and recevied my card in 10 days
No fees at all... Except the interest rate was 29%
Comment 3 by anthony
Dawn I Recieved Same Offer User Icon on 2007-10-04

Remarks Dawn I received same offer almost 6 wks ago, I was approved for 1750 and did 20dol to receive card in 2 days, 6 wks later I just received a letter stating they need more information. So good luck call tribute and speak with a manager not rep. 1888-618 9971
Comment 4 by dawn
Dawn's Update User Icon on 2007-10-09

Remarks Just thought I would update on my prior review. I finally received the card with a $1750.00 limit. I have used the card for small purchases because in some reviews people claimed that they had trouble using their card, I have had no troubles. Signed up to manage my account online, again no problems with their website, I even made my 1st payment online... No Problems with posting it in a timely manner. Some reviews stated that their payments posted after the due date and they were charged late fees. All in all I have mostly positive things to say about this "starting over" credit card. Customer service is as everyone stated, hard to understand on the phone and you get juggled around to 20 people before you get answer to your questions. Unless you really need to talk to them I suggest using their website to manage your account.
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