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Written by: sirjake2010 on 2012-10-07

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sirjake2010's review: Callout Comment So I was at sears getting the oil changed in my car and when I went to pay for it with my Sears Blue store card I was pretty much jumped on by the associate about getting the master card. I had never applied for a major credit card before as I have my few store cards (sears, JCP, BON-Ton, Macy's) for the mall all with credit limits that are nice and always paid in full each month. Well I said yes when the associate said I could get the oil change for 3 dollars after the new discount. He entered my info and I was already in their system with my store card. I entered my social and income and in 2.8 seconds it said approved. I was approved for a limit of $4k on the spot and he said for a person my age (20) I must have really good credit and sears and citi must like me because rarely anybody my age gets that kind of credit limit let alone approved for the master card. It has high interest so the only time I will have a balance is if I use it for a major purchase with deferred interest for a tv or such. My scores are in the 700s and I am proud to say I am taking the credit world by storm by being responsible and knowing when it comes to buying major things in life it isn't anything to do with a person but just rather their credit.

I will also say sears citi customer service is amazing. I've never had one issue with them. I just now have two cards for them. My store card has a $1k limit so it's going to get sock drawered.


Comment 1 by creditcardaddict
Re: Shocked. Fast Approval User Icon on 2012-10-07

Remarks Congrats!!!! I've had my sears MC for 7 years and standing at $4,000 started with $3,700. Sears or CITI has really helped me out whenever I couldn't make a payment when I was struggling they would always help me out. They even paid two months of my mortgage, although their rewards aren't that great They definitely help you out when in crisis! I personally love Sears/CITI they are excellent!
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: Shocked. Fast Approval User Icon on 2012-10-08

Remarks Nice! Congrats! Citi is great to work with and they take care of their customers (I am one). Enjoy your new card.
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