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Written by: jofunk on 2012-10-02

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jofunk's review: Callout Comment Was denied last month for the blue sky. Applied for the Delta card a month later and was approved for $5000. If you are going to apply, go to the Delta website first. The link on Delta has a better offer than the one directly on the Amex website. 35k miles after spending $750 in the first 3 months.



Comment 1 by creditcardaddict
Re: Approved! User Icon on 2012-10-02

Remarks Excellent!! your credit score is looking attractive by the way hahha. Lucky of you to have a excellent score like that. Keep it up!
Comment 2 by jofunk
Re: Approved! User Icon on 2012-10-03

Remarks 3 months ago I had all my credit cards maxed and had a score of 650! (never late on payments) I managed to pay everything down to almost 0 and in 3 months ended up with excellent credit. I was also paying off a credit card that was closed by Chase for no reason after being purchased from Aria/Providian.

I have been pretty obsessive lately about paying off what my statement balance is every month. Sometimes I pay a credit card as many as 4 times a month to make sure that I have enough money to cover everything and that the balance reported to the bureau is low. I may put $1,500 on a CC during the month, but by the time it gets to month end statements, I have already paid it off, so my spending never shows on the credit report.

I now have some pretty nice cards in my wallet.

CapitalOne Venture CL $4,800 (at my request they were able to switch this from the Cap1 Platinum)
Orchard Bank CL $3,800
Discover (new) CL $10,000
Citi Forward (new) $7,000
Delta Amex (new) CL $5,000

I use Citi for restaurants for bonus points
Cap1 for everything else. The other cards will be used once a month for small purchases to keep active.
Comment 3 by wanderer
Re: Approved! User Icon on 2012-10-03

Remarks Nice... take care of Citi they are really good.
Comment 4 by creditcardaddict
Re: Approved! User Icon on 2012-10-03

Remarks @Jofunk im in the same situation you were in before. All my major credit cards are maxed out and currently affecting my credit. My score is at 647 :/ but if I paid all of my credit card's balance it would boost my score up to 730! I always pay them on time. But it will take a while until they are at $0 balance. Congratulations on your two new awesome credit cards!!
Comment 5 by jofunk
Re: Approved! User Icon on 2013-01-08

Remarks Had the card for 3 months and randomly clicked on the credit limit increase link on the AmEx website. Asked for $3k more and was instantly approved. Now I wish I had asked for more. :|

CapitalOne Venture CL $7,800
Orchard Bank CL $3,800
Discover More CL $10,000
Citi Forward $7,000
Delta Amex CL $8,000
Chase Freedom CL $7,000
Comment 6 by jay228
Re: Approved! User Icon on 2013-03-16

Remarks Applied for the Delta Sky Miles Reserve Card. Was approved for $8300 instant credit limit after verifying my home address.
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