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Written by: josie on 2007-09-28

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josie's review: Callout Comment The continental finance company has all the earmarks of a company based on fraud! Not only are there excessive charges on the card before you even activate it, but count yourself lucky if you CAN activate it. How can they stay in operation with this deliberate sort of fraud, and is it legal for them to make someone pay for something they never even activated, let alone used? I for one don't think that this sort of practice should be allowed!! And, anyone who gets sucked into the deception, should be pitied... This blue thing I got in the mail, gets a treatment on the bar-b-que... To melt it down immediatly!!

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Comment 1 by pamela2
Re: Josie User Icon on 2007-09-28

Remarks Hi I got the card also and I have never even tried to activate it and never will. A wise person (meya) told me not to activate and the charges will reverse them self. Well I got a email telling me to activate now or the card will expire and the charges will be reversed and I owe nothing. But I cant apply there for another 6 months (like I will). so good luck on your card hunt. Hope you find what you are looking for.
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