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Written by: wildrage2 on 2012-08-02

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wildrage2's review: Callout Comment I started rebuilding my credit 3 years ago and Finance Globe has helped me a ton along the way. My starting scores were in the low 500's and I had several charge-offs and 1 judgement. I started with Continental Finance (RIP), Orchard Bank, and First Premier. My credit limits were low; $300-500. I then graduated to Capital One, Hooters (RIP), and Barclays / Travelocity. My credit limits with these cards were a little higher ($500-$1500). I travel a lot on United and got the courage to apply for this card. I was approved for the minimum Visa Signature limit of $5,000, making this my first 'big boy' card. I received my approval e-mail after 2 days of processing. At the time my Experian was the highest (715) and my Trans and Equifax somewhere in the mid-high 600's....I'm guessing they pulled my Experian. but will have to check. There is an annual fee (around $100) which is waived the first year - but I travel atleast 10 times a year, and waiving the checked bag fees a few times more than covers this. Oh - almost forgot. I have a checking and savings account with Chase, and also the Amazon Rewards card (low limit of $400)...perhaps that helped me. Thank you, Finance Globe!


Comment 1 by akcredit
Re: Woo Hoo User Icon on 2012-08-03

Remarks Congrats Wildrage2,

You will love the card because you can get 30k miles easy. Ours showed up within the first month. My dad opened up one in March, he was preapproved. If you travel alot with United, Chase has a good relationship with United. If you can get the Freedom card (maybe switch the Amazon for it) you can get alot of points/miles. With you being a Chase Checking costumer you can get a bonus : 10% bonus on each $1, and 10 points per transaction. Example $1000 will get you 100 points, 50 transaction will get you 500 points. Last month I spent $1850 I got 5358 points. Then if you get the Sapphire Prefferd you can combine points and transfer to United Instantly. You can also transfer those points to hotels and other airlines at a ratio 1:1.
Comment 2 by wildrage2
Re: Woo Hoo User Icon on 2012-08-06

Remarks Got my card 3 business days later. It's funny - I was denied Sears, but I got a Visa Signature card from Chase with a $5k limit. Oh well :-)
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