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Written by: sierriakaren on 2012-07-11

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sierriakaren's review: Callout Comment I applied to am ex last year , denied. this year applied and was approved no limit- unlimited purchase power. credit score in 702 .. never late on any bills.. great.. dont use this card ..but its a keeper for emergancies


Comment 1 by sammo
Re: Thanks To FG .. Got Approved User Icon on 2012-07-15

Remarks A charge card's purchasing power adjusts based on your spending limit, and it requires full repayment every month. It is not the card you want to save for emergencies. You may find that your spending limit is not what your emergency requires, and that the emergency precludes you from paying your bill in full when it comes due.
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: Thanks To FG .. Got Approved User Icon on 2012-07-16

Remarks This is a charge card with "no-preset" spending limit which is to say it is based on your ability to pay (income), outstanding credit (debt) at any given point in time and your performance (how you have paid your accounts) with AX. It is NOT a blank check. You need to use it and establish a spending pattern with AX.
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