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Written by: jack on 2007-09-27

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jack's review: Callout Comment I based my rejection of this card on what I read about "how people were treated." From the lack of human contact, to floating payments, taking their sweet time in posting payments to your account... I just knew, that there had to be a better way to bring up my score. I'm going the secured card route. One that reports to the Big Three on a consistant basis. I'd rather give the money up front & have full access to it, than to start almost three hundred in the hole.

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Comment 1 by meya
RE: Jack User Icon on 2007-09-27

Remarks Jack I fell to the floor when I read this posting. You have done the right thing, no matter what ANYONE else says about this card, it will not be your headache. I have one thing to say about the secured cards, Capital One has a secured card and they do not pull your credit report. If you pay $500, they will send you out the card and then 2-3 months later they are offereing you a limit that is not secured "No Gimmick". Call them to verify what I told you. Also, bank of America is offers one for $300 and then 6 months to a year they are offering you the same deal. I believe discover has one also. Then when you look at your credit report, it looks as though Top Dogs gave you an offer. Like you said, you will not be in the hole for $300 looking like a desperate card fiend. I am so proud that you walked away from this card.
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