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Written by: wndblwn06 on 2012-06-19

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wndblwn06's review: I've wanted this card for a long time! Applied last summer and was denied and given the Direct Rewards Discover (was HSBC- now Capital One) instead. I wanted to wait until my Equifax score was over 700 to apply again as I heard that they often pull EQ. Applied today with a 715 EQ (with no negatives) and was told to wait 5-7 days for further review. Not showing an inquiry on EQ yet, so they may've pulled a EX or TU :/ Will update... Approved! $1,700 credit limit. I'm in the prime, I am soo excited!!


Comment 1 by wndblwn06
Re: 5-7 Day Wait on 2012-06-22

I haven't called and neither have they :/ I don't want to call and possibly get a quick approval with less than favorable terms. I did see that they pulled both EQ and TU (hard inquiries). TU is probably what made them have to reevaluate. I was 646 at the time, 50% utilization, no negatives. But since then the utilization has gone down 11%. I don't want to pull the TU fico AGAIN, but credit karma did put me up 30 or so points. Since i applied I went to their sight to see if I was pre-approved for anything and received a message that they couldn't confirm my address so I couldn't be pre- approved for anything (which is odd, since I applied last year from this address. But that gave me hope...maybe that was the only issue??!!) I'll just keep on playing the waiting game and update when i get the final answer.
Comment 2 by wndblwn06
Re: 5-7 Day Wait on 2012-06-22

Approved! $1,700 credit limit. I'm in the prime, I am soo excited!!
Comment 3 by wanderer
Re: 5-7 Day Wait on 2012-06-22

WOW!!! Congrats! You have a main line prime card. Discover sometimes does automatic CL increases after six months. You did well with your CL as they are careful and conservative. Members of this FG site have stuck together and we have our own Discover Card success group now! Take care of your card and use it. They will reward you.
Comment 4 by nuovocapitolo
Re: 5-7 Day Wait on 2012-06-25

Congrats. I got with them last year! Got an increase already too.
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