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Written by: kforbes86 on 2012-06-17

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kforbes86's review: Applied for this card today and got 7 to 10 day message. checked status at theire website and it says application in progress. i applied for this card before and got instant denial. maybe this is a good sign. My scores when i applied before were between 665-690 my scores now are all over 700


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Applied on 2012-06-17

Fingers crossed!
Comment 2 by country4life
Re: Applied on 2012-06-17

What were your scores when you applied the first time you got denied? And also, what are your scores now?
Comment 3 by kforbes86
Re: Applied on 2012-06-18

My scores when i applied before were between 665-690.... my scores now are all over 700. the only things hurting my scores now are average age of acccounts and inquaries. i still havnt got any kind of decision from them.
Comment 4 by hotabs579
Re: Applied on 2012-07-01

I hear you.
when i was debating over getting the green card or not, people were tellin me to get the zync.

wasnt interested, altho they said the score they look for is 650.

mine is 686 equifax.

but i still went with green.

this post has seriously made me happy with my decision.
good luck on your application tho!
id advise to call them.
Comment 5 by brent91055
Re: Applied on 2012-07-12

Same thing..I applied for this card back in April of this year and got an instant denial. I reapplied a couple of days ago and am getting the "In Progress" message. My experian score is 705, up from 650 last time I applied.
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