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Written by: hotabs579 on 2012-06-12

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hotabs579's review: Callout Comment You guys have NO idea how excited i was when i got this letter from AMeX.

my credit was bad, and was rebuilding it, and i had like 3 HI.

they were dropped last week, and i got this letter just yesterday.
So i tried doing it online, but it wouldnt read the RSVP, so i called in, and somehow, dont ask me, they had it up on their screen.

so she took my info and i guess AMeX did a hard inquiry and she said 'well i have good news.... you got approved'

so my cards are:

Paypal- 1,200 CL
Capital One- 750 CL
Wal-Mart Store- 350 CL
and now my
AMeX Green.

i should have my dream card in 5 years. here's to REBUILDING CREDIT!


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: PRE-APPROVED LETTER. User Icon on 2012-06-13

Remarks Congrats!!! What a feeling. Getting approved by American Express is a challenge as they tend to be very conservative. You are moving ahead in the credit world now. Best of luck.
Comment 2 by mrrob
Re: PRE-APPROVED LETTER. User Icon on 2012-06-13

Remarks Congrats on getting ur Amex green, soon you'll be upgraded to gold, I miss my Amex terribly. Enjoy it
Comment 3 by hotabs579
Re: PRE-APPROVED LETTER. User Icon on 2012-06-19

Remarks Thank you all!
Comment 4 by jelly
Re: PRE-APPROVED LETTER. User Icon on 2012-06-22

Remarks Which card is your dream card? And do you happen to know which credit bureau Amex pulled?
Comment 5 by hotabs579
Re: PRE-APPROVED LETTER. User Icon on 2012-07-01

Remarks They pull equifax i think. score was 686.

and my dream card is the black centurion.

my uncle has it, and only way to get it besides maintaining 250,000 balance used every year, is gettin recommended by a black card user.

i am working towards it..lol
Comment 6 by latric08
Re: PRE-APPROVED LETTER. User Icon on 2012-07-03

Remarks WOW, that is awesome! Can you share some rebuilding tips???
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