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Written by: david on 2007-09-26

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david's review: Callout Comment The other day in the post was my first statement. It had all the fees and charges I was expecting. I called up the company which took me at least 5 times to call and over a 1 1/2 hours to find out that the customer service department was closed. This information was given to me by the lost or stolen card dept. I was told that after you enter a pelothra of digits and wait for a pause(which seems they just disconnected you because the call timed out) you finally get the option to talk to a customer rep. After explain to the rep my concerns, all was told to me was to wait. I had then explained now a 10th time my situation, and that the due date on my bill was within a week from the call, I still had not received the card.

I than asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told like I am sure you all have heard before "they are in a meeting", that's fine I go to meetings as well, however if I get a call my secretary takes a msg and I return it, there are other company's that do this, its known as CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Now I just called again took me 3 times because I forgot when I should hit the three button after the pause to speak to a representative. Finally I got someone on the phone. I was told that my account was closed for being rude to the rep when I asked for a supervisor, I also was informed that the conversation was being monitored by a manager/supervisor. Now I do remember clearly being told that they were all in a meeting, now all of a sudden one was present and was monitoring the call.

Strange I would say they say this then say that, remember people not only are they playing with your money but more importantly they are playing with your credit history. If they are not honest in the beginning with a small amount of money at hand, what will happen when your statement is thousand of dollars. Something to think about I say.

Last conversation was with a girl by the name of Lisa I believe extension 8185, they they really are going to transfer calls.

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Comment 1 by erin
Re: False Information (david) User Icon on 2007-09-27

Remarks David if you are having problems getting in touch with customer service call FIRST BANK OF DELAWARE DIRECTLY...1888FBD3511 and ask them to connect you with a continental finance customer service rep. They do it immediately, and I've never had to wait more than 1 minute.
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